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The City of Arkansas City strives to provide a high quality of life for its citizens by furnishing a variety of efficient services in a professional, courteous manner.

City announces formation of CIP Committee, input process

Committee to process project ideas for 10-year plan, help with 2018 budget

Water Grows Our Future logo (vertical)The City of Arkansas City will gather citizen input on possible future projects and form a short-term citizen committee to process those ideas in early 2017.

As part of the planning for the 2018 budget and the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), the CIP Committee will help staff to prioritize projects and funding, as well provide another source of ideas.

The recommendations of the CIP Committee will be presented to the City Commission, along with staff recommendations, as part of the 2018 budget process in the spring and summer of 2017.

There will be an insert in the December utility bills that asks residents to submit their ideas for projects they would like to see the City complete in future years. Citizens also are requested to rank the importance of a curbside recycling program to them personally. A pilot program is being considered.

Forms may be mailed back or the information submitted by email to CIP@arkcity.org. The citizen input forms, which are in both English and Spanish, also may be dropped off at the Utility Billing Office.

In order to expedite the planning process, residents are asked to return the forms by Jan. 31, 2017.

The form also can be found online at bit.ly/CIP-form or in the Document Center at www.arkcity.org.

Citizens who are interested in serving on the CIP Committee may sign up in one of four ways:

  • There is a gray box on the citizen input form that will be included with the December water bills. Simply check “YES” in this box to indicate you wish to serve on the CIP Committee.
  • The citizen input form also can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/CIP-form and filled out digitally. Return the digitally completed form to CIP@arkcity.org or print it off and bring it to City Hall.
  • Alternatively, you may download a board application form at http://bit.ly/volunteer-form. Just check the box for “Capital Improvement Plan Committee” to indicate your willingness to serve.
  • Finally, you may call (620) 441-4415 or email CIP@arkcity.org and provide your contact information to be recorded as a prospective committee member.

Prospective committee members are asked to apply by Jan. 16, 2017. It is anticipated that they will be appointed by the City Commission to serve on the committee at the commissioners’ Jan. 17 meeting.

The CIP Committee will meet three to five times in February, March, and April to discuss and prioritize projects. Staff anticipates that the work of the committee should wrap up by the end of April.

What is a CIP?

CIP stands for Capital Improvement Plan and it is, in essence, a planning document. This document serves a number of important functions in shaping the future of the City.

The CIP is an inventory of recommended or current projects and major capital purchases for the City. The projects, facilities, and other items mapped out by the plan will support the functions and programs of the City for the next year to 10 years. As a result, the CIP serves as a guide for elected officials and City management in budget decisions addressing strategic planning for the City.

Examples of typical CIP projects include infrastructure, such as street projects, or capital purchases, such as purchasing or renovating a building or property. There are, however, many kinds of CIP requests.

You may want to think of the CIP as a recommended shopping list of purchases and projects the City needs to undertake in order to maintain its current services and achieve future community goals.

Keep in mind, though, that the CIP is a strategic document that keeps a watchful eye on the City budget and revenue sources to ensure the conscientious use of taxpayer money.

What is the CIP request process?

The City’s Capital Improvement Plan document always is evolving. In the CIP request process, a wide range of requests will be submitted for inclusion in the CIP document.

Citizens can suggest projects through the citizen input forms available in an annual mailing to utility customers and online at the City website, www.arkansascityks.gov. These requests will be channeled to the appropriate department and developed into a formal CIP request.

Department heads will be responsible for reviewing the CIP requests, possibly in conjunction with the appropriate advisory board.

All CIP requests will be reviewed by the CIP Committee, which will be made up of advisory board representatives, representatives from other taxing entities throughout the community and Arkansas City residents interested in participating in the process.

CIP Committee recommendations will be reviewed by the city manager, who will review the proposed CIP and make professional recommendations before submitting it to the City Commission.

The governing body then will review the CIP and staff recommendations so individual projects and/or programs may be inserted into the City’s budget for 2018 and beyond.

What is the mission of the CIP Committee?

The mission of the CIP Committee is to provide input on the needs and wants of the community by recommending how City management and the City Commission should prioritize CIP requests.

Specifically, the committee will review the priority ranking given to each project identified in the planning document, as well as the year in which the project is slated to be implemented.

Citizens don’t need special knowledge or expertise to be a constructive team member. Team members represent their opinion only, but that opinion will be shaped by other community members.

What the CIP Committee does not do is make financial decisions on which projects will or will not be funded. These decisions ultimately are made by the city manager and the City Commission.

What is the benefit of this process?

The City will receive the valuable benefit of citizens’ input through their participation as CIP Committee team members.

Moreover, committee members will have the ability to help to shape the future of Arkansas City by assisting the City in identifying and selecting projects that meet the needs of the community.

As CIP Committee team members, citizens will receive exposure into the inner workings of one of the most important work processes of their local government.

In addition, they will have the deepest thanks of elected officials, City staff, and their friends and neighbors.