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Road work set to begin this weekend on West Radio Lane

HA5 application will take two days, followed by restriping from 15th to Summit

City of Arkansas City logoRoad work is set to begin this weekend on West Radio Lane, starting at 15th Street and progressing east toward Summit Street by the end of Aug. 6.

The City Commission of Arkansas City voted 4-0 on July 17 to enter into a contract with Andale Construction, Inc., of Wichita, to apply HA5 High-Density Mineral Bond (HDMB) and pavement markings on Radio Lane, from Summit Street to 15th Street, for an amount not to exceed $89,499.52.

Public Works Director Mike Crandall said federal fund exchange dollars will be used for this project.

The purpose of HA5 HDMB is to extend the life of the asphalt by sealing in oils, preventing cracking and resisting oxidative deterioration. This will be the first time the City has used this process on a street.

Crandall said HA5 will not be applied to the intersection approaches on Eighth Street that also were resurfaced in October 2016, which will allow the City to evaluate the effectiveness of HA5 over time.

The HA5 application will occur over one weekend prior to the start of school, to minimize traffic disruptions. It only should take two days to apply the bond, plus another day or two of restriping lanes.

The planned schedule of work is as follows:

  •  Unknown Image Friday, Aug. 3 — construction preparation will begin on West Radio Lane at 15th Street;
  • Saturday, Aug. 4 — HA5 HDMB application on Radio Lane from 15th to Eighth streets (see yellow segment on attached map);
  • Sunday, Aug. 5 — HA5 HDMB application on Radio Lane from Eighth to Summit streets (see red segment on attached map);
  • Monday, Aug. 6 — restriping of Radio Lane from Eighth to Summit streets will begin;
  • Tuesday, Aug. 7 — restriping of Radio Lane from Eighth to Summit streets completed.

All restriping will occur in the mornings and the road will be open to through traffic during restriping.

Andale has patented the HA5 process, which is expected to lower costs, extend pavement life, improve new pavement aesthetics and provide proved durability.

“To put it simply, HA5 ... provides an armor-like shell with exceptionally high durability that extends the life of asphalt binder by resisting oxidative deterioration,” according to literature provided by Andale.

“HA5 combines uniquely emulsified asphalt with a near-neutral charge that is able to hold exceptionally high concentrations of fine aggregates and other components that resist deterioration.

“HA5 also contains a protective barrier from ultraviolet rays, which accelerate pavement deterioration.”

Research indicates that significant oxidative damage takes place early in the life of new pavement, even before damage is visible at the surface.

The highest period of oxidative aging occurs between two to four years after new pavement is laid.

Thus, Andale recommends HA5 application take place within 1 1/2 to two years following any new asphalt project.

This HA5 application will help to extend the lifespan of the Radio Lane mill and overlay project, which occurred over several weeks in October 2016. The new asphalt is now about 21 months old.

Radio Lane was milled and received a brand-new 2-inch asphalt overlay, as well as new pavement markings, from 15th to Summit streets as part of a larger resurfacing project on North Summit Street.

The $300,000 cost of the Radio Lane mill and overlay came from the City’s Special Streets Fund.

This fund consists mainly of money from gasoline taxes and banked federal exchange dollars.

Additional HA5 projects currently are programmed into the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to extend the life of other recent asphalt, starting with an HA5 application in 2019 on North Summit Street, from Kansas to Walnut avenues.

HA5 projects were some of the higher-scoring CIP projects in 2017-18.

The City will post any traffic control or detour updates on its website, www.arkansascityks.gov, and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/arkcity, as well as distribute them to local media outlets.

Andale Construction is located at 3170 N. Ohio St. in Wichita. Call (316) 832-0063 for more information.